Native Ohioan and former Buckeye alum. After managing hotels and restaurants for 7+ years, Nichole was always a curious leader. Knowing the power of explaining the why to her team, Nichole questioned why brands made the decisions they did and what inspired their decisions. Wanting to be a voice in these decision-making conversations, she went back to school to obtain her master's degree. And after exploring portfolio school, a perceptive teacher pushed her to try strategy.

Since then, Nichole has been able to channel her curiosity, research prowess, creative thinking, and analytical skills to sharpen her problem-solving and critical thinking skills to deliver impactful business results.

When she's not hanging out with her supportive family and fiancé, she enjoys activities that include naps and food. She is an ambitious and forward-thinking, self-starter who is flexible and confident in her storytelling ability. For a greater illustration of her background and strategic capabilities, check out her experience section and testimonials below.


Dayton University, MBA

Jul 2018 - Dec 2020

The Ohio State University, BS Hospitality Management

Aug 2008 - Jun 2012

Softwares & platforms

  • Brandwatch

  • WordPress

  • Ace Matrix

  • DScout

  • Sprinklr

  • Qualtrics

  • Q

  • Discuss.io

Strategic Experience


“Nichole is a brand expert! She has a unique ability to rapidly and thoroughly comprehend complex information. I genuinely admired Nichole's enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, which she demonstrated by wholeheartedly diving into any project and going above and beyond the ask. With her exceptional skills, Nichole would be a valuable addition to any strategy or research team.

Ariyonne Marshall, Research Strategist at GSP

“Nichole was a research intern on our team over this past summer, and was a very quick and eager learner in the strategy group. She not only dove in to learn the mechanics behind our quantitative and qualitative tools, but also intuitively applied her real world experience to help shape the outcome and learnings for the projects she worked on.

Jane Warren, Deputy Director at GSP

“Nichole is exceptional! Her knowledge of Marking and Branding is enhance by her ability to work with non-Marketing professionals and guide them through a complex process with ease. Her work is thorough and detailed. I highly recommend her without hesitation.

Terry Perry, Global Operations