The Ask

I like to make things. Fun things, cool things, meaningful things. One day, I was given an open-ended brief to make something for a cause I believe in. So I did.

The following is Confidential and Proprietary.

Meet the Vi11age

A group of non-traditional interns across account management, creative, project management and production, came together and we were able to create a real-life idea in 10 weeks. Think Squid Game meets Harry Potter meets Super Bad meets any other pop culture reference where people work together and have fun and do things except we called ourselves the Vi11age. And it’s pronounced “The Village.” Not The Vi-eleven-age, which would be weird. Paired with dedicated supervisors who oversaw day-to-day activities throughout the summer. We were able to share our experiences to problem solve our team's project and accounts within the agency.

Cultural Landscape

The use of mental health services is at an all time high. However within the Black community it’s lacking.

“A lot of Black people don’t think of therapy as a realistic or viable option for help.”

― Dr. Racine Henry, Marriage and Family Therapist

The Problem

There is distrust surrounding mental healthcare in the Black community.

So how do we get Black individuals to seek proper treatment?

By going to a place they’re already comfortable opening up…

So Why Hairapy?

Salons and barbershops are considered to be sacred spaces where Black individuals can open up about their lives while getting their hair done.

“When I was growing up, the barbershop is the first place I ever heard real, open dialogue about things that were going on. It’s the place where my community could come together and be real.”

― Lebron James, an American professional basketball player

How It Works

We are partnering with a local Black-owned salon, “Born with Soul,” and a Black therapist. 

The salon will be rebranded, and the therapists will coach the stylists and remain on site to answer any client questions.

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Press Release

Chicago, Illinois. [July 25, 2022] – Today, Havas Chicago launched Hairapy, a Black Mental Health Awareness initiative, in hopes to reduce the distrust and skepticism of mental health services in the African American community. 

The unfortunate history of racial disparities and prejudice within the healthcare system, has left Black Americans with a distrust in healthcare, including mental healthcare as well. Hair salons have long been a safe space for Black communities, and as a result, it is a simple yet effective way to get people to open up and be vulnerable. For one day, in collaboration with Chicago based Black owned businesses, Havas will rebrand a salon so that clients will be able to discuss the idea of therapy and mental health struggles with their stylist. In addition, on-site therapists for additional resources and direction will be provided…..